Quelle belle expérience! Remerciement de patient (en anglais)


Going to a hospital for me generally ranks pretty low on the totem pole. Going to a hospital for a spinal injection brings that ranking even lower. Recently I went to the Montfort for just such an injection to ease back pain due to stenosis.

This hospital is a francophone institution and I wondered just how this would add to my experience as a unilingual anglophone. What a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t have been treated better.

Both Dr. Legault and his nurse Marie were professional and friendly. They explained the procedure in detail. They made me feel very comfortable. I have had a great deal of relief.

Our Canadian Health Care is under a lot of strain due to tight budgets and an aging population. This makes the health service at the Montfort even more laudatory.

Merci beaucoup Montfort!!

Geneviève Picard
Geneviève est directrice de l'équipe des communications à Montfort depuis 2014. Quand elle n'est pas en train d'écrire pour le Journal Montfort, elle est maniaque de lecture, adore le yoga, vient travailler en vélo mais seulement quand il fait beau, et ne fait jamais, jamais la cuisine.